Ambika PSU

i thought i’d seen it posted somewhere but i can’t find it.
what wall wart are you guys using? something from Reichelt hopefully?

Got a few of those

6581punk and I are both using this Maplin variable-voltage PSU. There’s been a suggestion that this power-supply may be at the root of some issues with voice cards becoming silent, but that’s not been confirmed.

mangros (I think) is using this slightly more expensive Maplin fixed-voltage one.


I use the one pichenettes referenced and it works flawlessly.

thanks! just ordered it from Henri

I’m currently using a salvaged PSU from a soundblaster 2.1 satellites unit, but it’s reading 11.6v @ 1.6A - this is perhaps too beefy (8v regulators don’t like it much).

@toneburst I’ve got the same one as you, 6581punk has the fixed voltage one.

For what it’s worth (and I’ll add to the wiki tonight) I bought the T1126-P5-ND from Digikey. Works like a champ! Of course this doesn’t help the EU out.

Mine’s the 9V fixed AC version, 3.2A. Went for something bigger due to the VFD wanting around 0.3A tops.

@mangros, 6581punk
sorry for the mixup, guys.


Elfa has incredibly cheap 9VAC PSUs that can deliver up to 1000mA! I paid 7 SEK for one!
96-300-46 is the Euro plug variant. 96-300-45 has a UK plug. 3 UK plug ones were bought by me since Elfa never bothered telling which was what. I could rip them apart, but if you want a UK plug they’re traded for a bag of Fox’s Glacier Dark.