Ambika PSU question

Hello all .

Will this PSU be OK for my Ambika?


You’ll need an AC-AC adapter… this one is

In a word, no. The output is 9V DC. You want one that has an output 9V AC (so it will probably be described as AC/AC).


So like this one?

If you’re in the UK, yep :slight_smile:

Thanks very much indeed!

I am planning to order from Germany.

Would this work?

Yes, that’s the one I bought.

If from Germany check this out:

It’s a nice shop with some DIY FX Pedals too. (and they have nice knobs… no pun… :slight_smile:

m-audio and korg uses same adapter for some decices too… so if you have something from m-audio or korg, check the power supply parameters, maybe you can reuse it for ambika :slight_smile:

I have a spare 9v AC PSU here if you want, the one Mesmerised just posted above. it’s new and unused.

I am so afraid of Italian post @rumpelfilter :slight_smile: so let me order from Germany

I got mine from Maplin. It also works on my old Atari 800 :slight_smile:

Let’s see if I understand correctly: with a DC adapter connected, the MoBo will power up and everything will work but there will be no -8v on the pins for the voice cards. Is this correct?

Yes, the +/- 8V is for the analog section, so the MIDI, UI navigation, SD card etc. will work and you’ll actually get sound through the voicecards DACs - but then no filter, no VCA, no output amp.

Cool, thanks Olivier!

@cereyanlimusiki: oh c’mon, I just got my package from Frank, it’s not that bad! :slight_smile:
plus you could get it cheaper.
Musikding also has proven to be a bit unreliable lately… just saying…

@rumpelfilter I could use your Ambika PSU.

Plus it works on the Shruthi and you get everything ring modulated by a 50Hz carrier!

pichenettes: really? Must try that! :)t2k: cool, whenever you want.