Ambika programmer?

I was wondering if the programmer board is compatible with Ambika?

Negativ, Kontrolle… Negativ

Would expect a German version…

No code in Ambika or different type of bus used?

There is no spare ADC and shift register ports like on the Shruthi.

Instead you get:

  • MIDI. Ambika’s MIDI implementation is faster than the Shruthi and it will deal better with incoming CC / NRPNs. Also, it has a more complete MIDI implementation.
  • A SPI port that I haven’t made anything of yet - and which could be used for very fast editing.

i can’t imagine it !
13 Km of wires, 136 pots and 436 leds… …x6 parts ! +switchs to assign VCs to the parts !
IMO, the ambika LCD and the 8 pots are the best programmer to use.
Ambika and shruthi are small sized synths, please let them like that !
Pichenettes worked hard to make them as tiny as possible… (VCs stacking!).
I understand that “1 switch = 1 function” is a cool concept but it’s not always the ultimate goal to reach for usability.

@ Gregmotorshop

After seeing Nicoo’s Homemade BEAST I’m a bit DIY horny a.t.m…:slight_smile:
Thinking about to build a custom AmbikaKeys.
Only OSC/Filter/Mixer/ENV/LFO and part selection is the idea.
And key’s/pitchbend and modwheel of course.