Ambika programmer fantasies

I had some fun on my train rides designing an interface for a hypothetical Ambika programmer.
I found it quite difficult to come up with a design that makes sense. This is how far i got. I was surprised that it even doesn’t need to get that much bigger. This design would be 39 x 19 cm.

Next question: how to make this real?
Ideally it would have to talk via spi to the main MCU. Does the master MCU understand the same codes used to send to the voicecards? Well this is over my head anyway :frowning:
Another option might be using midi. Could the extra SPI port be configured to understand midi?
Last option is putting a midi controller before the midi input using arduino. This seems feasible for me since i could borrow a lot of code from existing controllers out there. But i wonder how i would insert the incoming midi messages into the midi coming from the controller? And if it would induce an annoying delay.

So far just fantasies.

You could go the MIDIbox route (8-bit PIC core), there is a MIDI merger included just waiting to be switched on.

Yummy yummy !

i think your design is pretty sweet! would love to have this :slight_smile:


Is there allready some provisions in the firmware for attaching a programmer to the SPI interface on port 7 ?

No provisions for a programmer.

so midi is the way to go…

Unless you want to modify the firmware…

I want to but i’m not able too i’m afraid. My copy of C++ for Dummies is still untouched on the bookshelf. Not even a ‘hello world’. I managed a bit of midi with arduino for a controller project i was doing last year but that also stranded a bit.
I looked at how the programmer is done in the shruthi and how the SPI stuff should work on the Ambika but it’s totally different i think.
Do you think a midi solution would be silly?

No it’s not - at least Ambika processes MIDI faster than the Shruthi…

MIDI is never silly :wink:

With midi it will something to set the midi channel your working on… The fun thing would be you could be editing 2 parts at once. One with the programmer and one with the regular interface.

would love to see this project get off the ground. Unfortunately I can’t help with the coding aspects but would like a programmer for the exact reason @shiftr mentioned above