Ambika Problems with loading patches (solved)

Hi, it is almost done, but I have still a problem. When I press S8 to load preset, sometimes it took longer than usual and it says A000 (empty). I got no Card Errors.

Could this a problem with my noname SD Card?

I’ve experienced the same behavior myself - and when putting the card back into a card reader on a computer, all the files had become corrupted. Reformatting fixed the problem, but only temporarily. The next day, the problem was back.

Switching to another SD card fixed the problem for me.

There are fake cards around. I bought a 2GB Sandisk, it was cheap enough.

hmm, funny …

if I start ambika with the card in the slot, there are no programs on S8
If I start without a card and put it later in, I can access the programs …!?

It’s possibly that it doesn’t initialise correctly for whatever reason. For the sake of a few $ I would get a Sandisk.

sure, but is is not easy to get one at weekend :slight_smile:

Depends where you live and what the opening hours are. They sell them at all the supermarkets here and they open at weekends.

germany, country side … forget it …

Yes, I do remember my father telling me that Germany pretty much shuts down Saturday lunchtime.

It’s gotten better in big cities, as some supermarkets are nowadays open until 10 pm. But when it comes to more, hm…let’s say specialized shops, it is still true.

ok the supermarkets are open till late saturday … but they are all selling the cheap SD cards ,

ok, got a SanDIsk now and it’s all good now :slight_smile: