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You are hitting some true points for a Ambika Programmer, part of them are the reason it isn’t here already…
Shurely you are only editing one single Patch at a time.

A different layout is no magic - either with pots or rotary encoders, whatever one prefers. The bulk order board will be a bargain though for those that don’t need that extra visual aid you talk about :-).

Its not just an aid - its the difference between an instrument and an universal piece of hardware. At least thats the creators view justifying the time spent arranging it all :wink:

hmm i don’t need the led rings as much, and pots would work for me just fine. i’m thinking (as always) of a midibox64 being the best solution in any case.
even for the shruthi-1 it would be a nice tool since you’d have direct access to other parameters via NRPN (which is, cough, some kinda magic for me, have to read about it) while some of the dials that the programmer has could be omitted, like oscillator waveform — but wait, hasn’t there been a recent update that shows the value being changed on the display?

What I’d really want is something tiny like the Kenton Killamix Mini (but without the joystick) with nice pots instead of encoders.