Ambika Preview on

Heres a bit of shameless self promotion:

Ambika Preview on

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Very nice! :slight_smile:
One thing about the licensing: The software is GPL 3.0, everything else cc-by-sa 3.0 or cc-by-nc-sa 3.0. Yes, thats important for software developers :slight_smile:

There is no nc in Ambika.

Oh right, true :slight_smile:

Great preview! One could argue that the author isn’t 100% objective, but then again, who is? :smiley:

Yups. You really wouldnt want me to write a review for the Jupiter-80…

I think I would enjoy reading your Jupiter-80 review :wink:

Heres the Abstract: Quite good sounding but boring.

Ooh, disappointing. I would have expected some nice “what happened to you Roland, you used to be cool” bashing.

The were cool so long ago that nowadays its totally clear they are uncool :wink:

Maybe I should be ashamed, but I’m tempted by the Integra7 module… Better go hide under a rock :slight_smile:

I didn’t say its bad, it sounds great… its just that its boring. Nothing new to hear. You better spend your money on a VS Rack or a Fizmo :wink:

Let’s just say that I will try to get the Fiz before the Integra. Plus I have a fully loaded XV-5080 so I already have some of the stuff that’s in the Integra :wink:

Frank, has there been any thought into an XT-sort of thing for Ambika? Even to be able to program it from an iPod, PC or Mac would be handy. It sounds amazing, and thanks for the demo sounds on the review.


i think i it would be really great to have a programmer with a few more knobs and a little keyboard to program the sequencer…

EDIT …oops wrong thread…was thinking anushri … Love the ‘epic’ sound btw

All credits go to Olivier for the Sound Examples…

Programmer? Did anybody say Programmer???

I thought I heard someone.

DIY is king. Over at the MIDIbox forum there is a bulk order for a PCB with 16 encoders and LED rings. Add an LPC17 core board and a display and some programming skills (or wait until TK has integrated an editor into MIOS Studio) and voila.


As nice as this midi box controller looks, a programmer is a bit more than a rectangular laid out array of Pots. The spatial distribution of the UI Elements is crucial for optimum workflow. Look at the Shruthi-XT: the Layout represents the Elements of the Synth, look at the Envelopes or the Osc/Mixer/Filter Section…

I really don’t think a hardware programmer (like the one for the shruthi) would make much sense for the ambika.
There are more possible settings than on the shruthi, plus you would need to multiply it times the 6 voicecards? How would you handle the programming for independent patches?
Plus there is already a function to assign the 8 pots to any control, and every screen is already controlled by 8 pots, which result is that you really don’t need to run through menus as much as on the shruthi.

Something like an “octopot” could be handy (not sure about how you would handle the patches though), but really don’t think that a programmer would make any sense on the ambika.