Ambika Power supply

Does the Ambika only works with an AC power Supply?
Ambika is done, but no Power supply available. Too bad. :frowning:

yes it’s made to work with AC only (without modification). you don’t have a transformer so you could at least try it?

9V AC ; 600mA at least

Thats the problem. I throw them all away. I thought “I’ll never use them”.
I have a transformer here and built one at the moment. Problem is only ~15 Volt.
Is this a problem ? Normally only the Regulators should getting a little bit warmer.

Warmer yes, “a little bit” no. I don’t recommend 12V AC, so 15V AC will make them scorching hot. If you have only one voicecard in place… maybe…

I see, I must order one.

Any recommendation for where to find a good one by the way ?
I’m struggling to find anything with more than 500ma and a 2.1mm barrel connector.

i was recommended one here on the forums a while ago, works fine. you should find it with a quick search.

Some references here

Thank you.
Actually I’ve also just found this one for UK and Europe:

I recommend the Henri Electronic one. If you insist on feeding 15v heres a tip: Plexi smells a bit like garlic when it melts, just a moment before it starts to burn.

Would that one work?

(I’m not even sure it’s a power supply lol)

No, won’t work, this one has DC output.

ok, thanks. Should I conclude that there is none at Mouser, otherwise you would have provided a ref, that’s it?

Someone has found one, but I don’t have the ref.

2 items, but only for north america, 120V input :-/

Maplin do an adjustable-voltage AC PSU, if you’re in the UK. Works fine for me. Only potential downside is it has a super-bright LED on it (mine does, anyway, though the photo on the website shows a red one).


I didn’t find anything for UK or Europe on Mouser.
The only one meeting the specsI’ve found with a UK plug is the one from Rapid that I’ve linked above.
@toneburst that is 500ma though, pichenettes recomends > 600mA

so this one is the one I need ?

Actually, the output current is too weak on this one.