Ambika power on with smr4 audio card

i have builded mobo card and tests are ok, i’ve got the right voltage and it received midi sequence as it should, i can see it to the led activity. After that i have stacked smr4 card but i have no sound and no led activity from red and green leds. I have measured JP1 points and it’s ok i have +8V and -8V on the filter card. I have checked ic’s and parts and everything seems right.
Please could you help me ?

Is the layer A/B selection jumper inserted? Are you sure the motherboard is configured to send data to the slot the voicecard is inserted in? For example, if part 1 is assigned to voicecard 1 only, the voicecard won’t receive any data if it is in the 2nd slot…

Hi there,
may be the obvious things first:
Are the jumpers on the voicecard right? Both have to be on A if the card is directly stacked on the mobo.
Have you routed the signal to the voicecard? Push S6 and look in the menu a) which voicecards are activated and b) which noterange is selected.
If the slot in which the voicecard is,is active also one LED on the voicecard should be active.

If you checked all of the above, you may try another slot on the mobo to see weather it is a problem of the slot.

If nothing helps, can you please post pictures of both sides of the voicecard?

Yes i have inserted jumper to A selection.
Part1 select voicecard1 and channel is omni
Part2 select voicecard2 and channel is omni
I’ve got only one voicecard inserted in the first slot JP1/JP2

i have tested another slot and same thing.

i use mix output and i listen a little sound when i power off ambika.

Do you have the possibility to make pictures?
Did you doublechecked all alignments? ICs, Transistors, polarized caps…?
Since there seem to be no communication i would suspect the Atmega on the card…
Are all solder joints on and around the Atmega nice and shiny?
Does the IC sit correctly in the socket?

Since there is no LED active on the voicecard i think that you can’t hear the voice. Except you put the LEDs on the wrong way…
I guess what you hear when powering off, is the standard “power-off-noise” most electronics do…kind of…^^

Yes i’m agree with you, it turns around voice card communication and mobo. About led i think that led’s are in right position.
Here you can look some photos :
Thanks for your help.

Another point : i’m currently in library page and when i select “about” page i have this on my screen:
ambika V0.1 port 1 device ?
and it’s true for every port.

Are you using programmed chips?

Yes, it was with the kit !

The pics are looking ok…
Also asking myself if it was a kit or did you order the components yourself?
Because either a not programmed ic or a bad cap/quartz combination came to my mind.

well done Olivier, i’ve just replaced the chip and i’ve got light :slight_smile:

You had another chip? …the one from the kit and an empty one…?^^

No i have ordered two others voice cards wih chips :wink:
And that’s great the walls of my studio are moving :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot !

So one chip with your kit/boards was not programmed? If that’s the case please send it to me and I’ll reprogram it.

I have tested the third and that’s ok too. The first one was not programmed … unlucky boy kroutshev !