Ambika Polivoks

I’m having an issue with the Ambika Polivoks. IC2 (4052N) got super warm to the touch and started emitting a smell.
I had measured all the supply voltages before plunging it in and there were no issues.
When I removed IC2, the socket pins at 12 thru 14 looked discolored.
Any ideas?

I picked up a new 4052N from Mouser, and I didn’t want to put it in until I was sure this is ok.

Also, instead of the bipolar transistor for Q4, I used a FET like recommended in another post. Should I have a resistor on the gate?

ok, so I resoldered all points, checked all resistors. It no longer burns up the 4052N.

The 100K near IC11 pin 14 or so (1370) is measuring 32K or so in circuit, where most of the other resistors measure their correct value in circuit.

It does sound a little distorted though. I wonder if this is because of that resistor measuring low…

The color code at a quick glance looks to be the same as the other 100K resistors.
it looks to be : Brown, black, black, orange
which I read to be 100K.

as a side note, I am running the YAM OS, I have the YAM OS on the other voices, but this voice still uses the modified file for the Polivoks. I didn’t see a YAM version for this board yet.

@matrix12x I may do a custom patch and build of YAM for Polivoks sometime but don’t hold your breath. I would be very surprised if any firmware changes had these kind of effects. Cheers

@Bjarne thanks.

So, I tried the polivoks in every slot and it is the only thing tat is distorted. I think I’m going to try and remove and replace that “100K” resistor that is measuring 32K in circuit.

Hi have u got the original MI firmware for the polivoks voicecard.bin? MUCH appreciated… Dan