▀▄ Ambika plexi enclosure

Hello, & Greetings!

Already in my small synth family from Mutable Instruments, a Yellow Magic Shruthi, and Anushri (awaiting soldering). I absolutely love them for their seemingly endless loops and cul-de-sacs of organic-living-like possibilities!

Just completed an order for Ambika cards (x4-smr, x1-svf, x1-4p) and for a Shruthi kit + enclosure.

If possible, I’d like to house the Ambika in a similar enclosure. My question to you is,
Would anyone know where to purchase an acrylic/plexi enclosure for Ambika?
Preferably, the same one that was once available at the MI store last year

Thank-you very much!
Kind Regards,

After searching around the forum a while, I discovered that fcd is the fellow who created the acrylic/plexi enclosures. So, in hopes that perhaps someday it will work out, I’ve e-mailed him concerning my interest in purchasing one of the lovely engraved Ambika case.