Ambika PCBs

I’m having trouble getting Eagle to open the PCB files , does it need a specific version of Eagle to open them ?
Any way of converting the files to Proteus ?

What’s the problem? The newer versions have some issues with the files AFAIK, try a version < 6.5

No chance of converting it anything.

Ah , I used the latest 7.2 , I’d assume backwards compatibility !

Loading E:/Mutable instruments/Mobo-v09.brd …


line 5, column 25: This is not an EAGLE file.

Hmm , that’s Eagle version 6.4 , could the files on github be corrupted ?

did you download the raw? this always comes up with git, get the zip file

Sorry to be a noob , where do I find the Zip ?

Right side of the screen “download zip”

Ah ha !
It wasn’t there , then I clicked the code button at the top and it magically appeared , thanks !