Ambika PCB: MoBo´s in WHITE - who wants one or more?

I finally received my 6 Ladder voice/filter PCB from André (TubeOhm), they were here in 3 days, but the Brazilian customs liked to have them closely in their package for 2 months…just laying around there…

I´m going to build my Ambikas in a translucent enclosure, a black or dark-blue main-PCB would look a bit strange with TubeOhms Ladders for my liking.
I will get 2-4 white Ambika main-PCB´s done at PCBCART, if others were interested it would get a lot cheaper for 20 (or more) boards.

I thought to leave all components related silkscreen parts at least from the buttons/display side off, silkscreen on top will only be: MIDI IN & OUT and numbers for audio in/outputs, marking for AC input, etc., maybe the funny looking spacer/screw markings I would leave on too.

I would choose: ENIG-plating over HASL and 70um over 35um copper layer, both options add maybe $1-2 per PCB.
Any thoughts?

I estimate one PCB will roughly cost EUR20-27 or US$27-37 + shipping to final destination, the higher price is only in the case I get full custom taxes of 60% applied.

I´m going to order them after December, 26th, from 21st to 25th they are off.

P.S.: I have already a box full of white, machined, IC-sockets from 8 to 40 pins with gold plated inserts, this is going to be the “whitest” Ambika :slight_smile:

That is very tempting … please count me in !
I have 3 ladder voicecards so far, but this might make me build more …

If one PCB is only around 25 euro, then … two please :slight_smile:

Next step … all white components …

this will look great

Yes, I´ve tried that “white component” part, but it would take a year or longer to get everything together from NOS parts.
I was happy enough to get the IC sockets part after long searches done.

I seriously even thought about how to partially gel-coat/epoxy/polyester paint (white, ofc) top-laying components, but some contrast isn´t too bad, I´ll see if I can withstand the temptation of a full “krankenhouse” (hospital) Ambika.

I could just do a white case for you….

Hello Frank, no thanks.
I want to look at a bunch of white soldermask PCB + components + silver shiny solder-spots, not at an acrylic “Milchkiste” [milk-box] :slight_smile:

Also if I don´t get at least 10 interested Shruthizens soon, I´m going to do 3-4 PCB at home with silkscreen technique, since here in Brazil they make high resolution silkscreens with aluminum frame and perfect masks for $15 each, I´ll need 6 (2xsilkscreen, 2xsoldermask, 2xcopperlayer) so that would equal to PCBCART´s tooling costs…

Man, this is such bad timing, I have a LXR as next project, not a Ambika…(That’s like, the project after that… Or after that…)

all right, this is the MI way of gauging interest - so go add yourself to the list !

MusicCircus 2-4
eelco 2

V´Cent, I have a dozen or more ongoing “active” projects, countless inactive, some new, some old synths waiting for components/parts. I just received the LXR boards from Julian two days ago :slight_smile:
Right now I don´t have a single component for any project which I could solder actually :-/

I would do the white MoBo from start at home, if there were not 690 holes to drill, I can drill 4 stacked 1,6mm FR4 at once, but even then, I would still have to do this manually on a drill stand, that would take 3 hours drilling in a row º_º

I have a polivoks filter for eurorack that lacks a frontpanel, a little dieter that still hasn’t gotten its doepfer diy synth(in the drawer for a year now), a tubeohm filter+digital board, a polivoks filter+digital board+case that are almost done… Ehrmm… And I really want a LXR kit before they run out… Dangit…

I don’t think the LXR will run out soon……

Don’t really know, It ran out fast the first time, but I’m unaware of how many kits he made available this time… Although it has been in stock for a month now… Hmm.

I guess when this run is sold - there will be a next one….

He , two for me also.

I take one too. Two, if it helps reaching 10. Shipping to germany eventually together with Andre´s?

MusicCircus 2-4
eelco 2
tubeohm 2
loopino 1-2

min counter is: 7
max counter is: 10

I’m also based in germany, so shipping together could be worth the trouble.

@MusicCircus: By pure chance: Are you the guy I sent the SCSI-Chips for his Roland W-30 10 years ago? If yes, you still owe me a beer. (Just kidding)

i’m in for one too !

@loopino: no thats not me with the SCSI chips, I´m living here only for 7,5 years now :wink:

Since many are in Germany, I´ve looked up possible shipping costs for 3 types of service, values in euro, so you can calculate how much it will be at the end for you:

>Guaranteed 4 days, same as the USPS Global Express service:
EUR21,24 envelope max. 200grams
EUR25.24 box max. 200grams
EUR31.70 box max. 400grams

>4-6 days with EMS:
EUR20,01 box/envelope max. 200grams
EUR21,55 box/envelope max.400grams

>4-6 days with Priority:
EUR8.28 box max. 400grams

I have used the courier/express service often and its 100% reliable and fast, usually 2 working days, I have used EMS for bigger items, is a bit slower on delivery (days), still fast.
I have never used Priority Mail from here for international shipments, so I can not comment, should be like German Päckchen or USPS FlatRate Mail. All services are offered by the official Brazilian Postal Office “Correios”.

Just checked: The shipping costs above are the same for shipping to whole Europe, Australia, USA west and east coast.

EDIT: I just saw that I´ve made several errors here:
>4-6 days with EMS:
EUR20,01 box/envelope max. 200grams
EUR21,55 box/envelope max.400grams
>4-6 days with Priority: EUR8.28 box max. 400grams

It is:
>Guaranteed 4 days, same as the USPS Global Express service: ITS NOT AVAILABLE TO ALL CITIES :-/
>4-6 days with EMS: EUR28.07 max. 400grams
>16-18-6 days with Priority: EUR18.28 box max. 400grams

Also there is an economy light weight service up to 2KG as follows:
>4-8 days with economy light weight service 14.33 max. 400grams
^—\ I\ have\ to\ find\ out\ if\ this\ is\ fully\ trackable\ though\ ----^