Ambika Patches

So. I did the Shruthi to Ambika conversion for the patches. is there any where (github or this site) that has dedicated Ambika patches and were designed with the Ambika in mind?

if not, I’d be willing to make github repo for that purpose and that purpose alone :slight_smile:

@jon, As per the - Ambika unofficial patch conversion tool - i did this already, what i was asking was, are there patches that were designed with the Ambika in mind. the problem with the shruthi patches is that they sound great on the shruthi (big Bass sounds etc), but make little sense as ambika patches.


There are Ambika-specific patches. See here: It appears whatever page had been set up on this board for this topic is no longer provided (as the unit was discontinued). I’ve found a number of very usable patches in the Shruthi conversions played on the 4P. If there are no objections I suggest you proceed with your github plan. I look forwards to seeing that :slight_smile:

+1 for the githup patch repo!
The more community effort there is for and around the Ambika / Tubika, the longer it will be fun!