Ambika patch sharing?

Hi, I recently got an Ambika and a Shruthi.

I know there is a patch sharing thread for Shruthi. Is there one for Ambika?

I think there a some patches at the Patch Sharing thread but also a specific thread for the Ambika patches will be cool.

I think this would be cool as well.


think thats a good idea

also someone suggested to keep the patch thread and other where explain the patches itself…

I converted a bunch of Shruthi-patches and posted somewhere on the forum some time ago. Search for Ambika patch conversion.

I’d also like a dedicated Ambika patch sharing thread.

Great–here’s the thread:

I like to see how people make their programs and more poly oriented presets…

With the SD card storage and the last batch of Ambika i hope it’s a lot of people around there to share presets.

+1 for Ambika patch sharing thread!


Yes, please. +1



Hi , wait a little, the ambika controller is nearly ready. Pc only. This makes sounddesign and patch -bank transfer very easy.

ambika controller would be great. I’m hoping someone is able to port it to OSX too :slight_smile:

and also interested in patch sharing as well

I´d buy an OS X version in a heartbeat!