Ambika or Juno 106/60

Ive been saving for a polysynth for a while now, had decided on getting a juno as I didn’t want to self source the parts for an ambika. Now the kits are in the shop I cant decide and dont want to miss out on the kit whilst they are there. Is the ambika capable of the same sort of sounds and what are the advantages over each other? I primarily want to use it for house/techno chords and pads.


Ambika. Much more flexible and versatile for the kind of sounds you’re after. Be sure you have a good chorus effect though; that’s the only thing lacking that defines some of the sounds you’re after.

While the Junos are a rather overrated limited vintage machines (my personal view!) the Ambika is an actual implementation and has a way wider sonic palette. If you want the Juno Sound - get a Juno.
If you just want a brilliant Hybrid Poly Synth get an Ambika. I don’t know if it hits the Junos sound 100% but for this look for the first tip above :wink:

Advantages of Juno 60/106: keyboard, interface, built-in chorus, simplicity (there are so few parameters it’s hard to make it sound bad).

Advantages of Ambika: much much much wider sound palette (two oscillators instead of one, digital synthesis algorithms, 3 envelopes, 4 LFO, modulation matrix), flexibility (can be used for example as 6 independent mono voices), thorough MIDI implementation, space, repairability.

On top if that, for the price of a Juno 106 or 60 you can get an Ambika kit and the MKS-50 I am selling in another thread and you’ll still have some serious change left. :wink:

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Selling a MKS-50? HERETIC Got any aJuno left?

As i was a young guy i always wanted a Juno-106 mostly because my former PianoPop Hero had one on Stage (that poor guy must be playing this song for the last 24 years over and over and over……and on stage he was playing a very classic Helpinstill instead of that SteinWay ) I managed to get hold of an aJuno1 and found that its totally capable if these mellow pads i was after. And many many more sounds a Juno106 would never be capable of. If you are only after the Synth Engine thijs suggestion for an Ambika + his MKS-50 isn’t that ridiculous

@fcd72 Just selling my spare one. :wink:

If i hadn’t already an aJuno1 (since this Bruce Hornsby episode 20+ years ago) and a MKS-50 i would buy yours. Whenever i need a warm mellow Pad i think of it. And then take the VS to get a warm, fat, living, super mellow Pad. Conclusion: you can never have enough of the good stuff :wink:

with 6 SMR voices, the Ambika can sound remarkably close to a Juno 106. Go the way of the Ambika. Much smaller than the beastly 106.

Also, I did an audio comparison of the 2. Keep in mind that the Juno will sound different due to the DCO’s. Regardless, they sound very similar.

Ambika! I have a Juno 60 and it is just as limited as I remember it being in the old days.

Great thanks for all your help. Thats all the persuasion I need think il go for the ambika seems the better option, I love soldering anyway.

@thijs haha thanks but i’ve only just got enough for the ambika, I was going to buy a lxr tomorrow but that can wait.

Going modular next, mainly from being lured in after reading this forum most days haha.


@ Edkase, most of us have been lured into modular from this forum…

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And never forget that these Juno LFO are really slow…

… and the envelopes don’t klick and it doesn’t accept CV in and has no USB and no Wavetables or to many Waveforms and the aftertouch breaks easily, its analog, its digital and the aliasing on high/mid/low notes…… , no FM between the Oscillators - all in all pretty useless. Did i forget anything?

Yeah, the Ambika is a much better value if you can build it, especially with these full kits. The slow LFOs are probably my biggest pet peeve with all of the Roland Poly synths, and the Ambika solves that and then some.

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Well I can’t imagine anyone here answering your question differently, but for good reason.

I love my Juno 60, but it’s limited. It’s a lot of fun, and like @pichenettes said, it’s hard to make it sound bad. It’s like a time machine to 1983-1988: just pure 80s every time you swtich it on.

The Ambika is more of a true polysynth, though. The Juno has a single (very good) oscillator and it has 6 voices, but it programs like a monosynth- just lacks that total control you would want from your (only? One of your only?) polysynths.

And don’t listen to Frank! He’s a jaded veteran gearslut who’s seen and done it all- Junos are a total blast to use and sound great.
Get a Juno 60 over a 106 if you can find one cheap…once you already have an Ambika. The two don’t really compare- one is a vintage one or two trick pony that does those tricks sublimely, the other is 6 ultra flexible and varied sounding voices that can do just about anything you ask of it very well.

And dont forget that the soundchips of the 106s tend to die and you’ll eventually need to replace them with some kind of modern age clone. So why not go all modern from the start? My first synth was a 106 and I still love it, but if I’d have to decide now I would probably go for Ambika.

what the threshold for being a gearslut? 5 Synths? :wink:

@fcd72: Your threshold is far too low; it needs to be around the twenties, in my humble opinion. Even then, I would just call it gear-curious.