Ambika onboard sequencer

Can you program chords and chord changes on the onboard sequencer? Im considering building one for my live setup. Also can I sequence chords from an external MONO sequencer? For example select a chord in the unit that triggers from a mono note externally. Kieran

Also does anyone know the size of tge completed unit?

You can’t program chords directly ( as far as i know ). But you can run 6 voices indepent/poly/poly/stacked in any combination you want so there are many ways to achieve something like this.
Size is 27x17x6(+knob height) cm for the plexi case. The metal case is a little bit bigger.

Thanks shiftr. Its a shame that there’s no chord selector but hey it still looks badass. Is there a filter board selction you’d recommend?

It depends on how and what you want to use it for.

Really I want Something with loads of flexibility and possibilities. I know thats pretty vague but I only really know mono synths and polys such as the juno.

So you’d want one of each then… :wink:
Listen to some of the demo’s, figure out which sounds you like, then forget that, and think of what sounds would fit well with your other gear. If the two match, - bingo, go get it, if not, listen some more, make up an excuse, and buy all of them :smiley:

Cheers vcent! I thinl 2 of each would create a fairly diverse synth.

Two of each (so three different ones) is what I’m considering for when I finally build an Ambika, the only problem with that is that you can’t make complete chords out of only two voices, at least not without more mangling than I’d like while trying to get creative…

2x3 seems ideal for chords, but of course 1x6 is the king… So many decisions… If you just want it as a monosynth, 6x1 is of course up for consideration too…

Im thinking possibly 4xladder 1xpolivolk and 1xsvf. Does this make sense?

Yes… I don’t know about the availability of the polivoks… Get the svf fast since MI is not making any new ones. For the ladder boards check TO.

I feel i’m having the same discussion twice…

Busted! Thanks for your help shiftr. I think im even more confused now. Going to be a lot of listening to demos.