Ambika not working after firmware Update

Hi everyone,
I purchased a fully built Ambika a couple of months back and I wanted to update the firmware via SD-Card. I probably did something wrong with the naming of the files (ambika.bin …). Anyway, now when I start the Ambika, the software isn’t running anymore.
Stupid question: would using a AVR programmer help me resolve this problem?


You should be able to update it also via midi… And also with an avr programmer and the right tool chain.

i got it working again via sysex, but now it doesnt sound anymore: i cant upgrade the voicecards, because it says “port 1 device ?” and the voicecard upgrade doesnt seem to work.
I am not sure what could cause the problem, since the ambika was working previously and the firmware files are the last official ones…

Do you have the VOICE ( insert number here ) . BIN on your sd card?

see the manual:

Firmware update through the SD-card

The first half of the screen displays the version of the OS running on the motherboard. If a firmware update file named AMBIKA.BIN is present on the memory-card, pressing S1 (upgrade command) will load it to upgrade the main processor.

Ambika contains seven ports to which devices are attached. The first 6 ports (port 1 to port 6) are used for connecting the voicecards ; the last port (port 7) is used for connecting additional controllers or I/O connectors. The second half of the screen on the about page shows the device type and OS version number for a selected port. Use the encoder to scroll through the ports. When no device is attached to a port (or when the device firmware has been corrupted), a ‘?’ is shown in place of the device type. If a firmware update file named VOICE$.BIN (where $ is the port number) is present on the memory card, pressing S4 (upgrade command) will load it to upgrade the voicecard processor.

thanks for the reply!
i had the VOICE$.BIN files on the sd-card. What is funny is, that for port 1-2, the install (s4) button doesnt do anything…for 3-6 it worked and is showing “device 1” instead of “device ?” next to the port number.
edit: i exchanged soundcards 1+2 with 3+4 on the board and now its showing the “device ?” for exactly port 3 and 4…I guess this is an indicator for a hardware issue?
edit2: also LED2 is not lit up for both soundcards when i turn on the synth .