Ambika not sounding

yes therse a progress
data led is lit continualy and the led note is following the sequence
i set it in mono but no sound yet

So the upgrade went well?

If the green LED blinks, the voicecard receives a note. You need to trace the sound on the voicecard, following the schematics, to see where there’s a problem.

yes instal and upgrade went well
same way with 3 different voicecards

Is the -8V rail OK?

i will check that later i have to go now thx pichenettes i feel close to the goal now

Hi all i now have time to test and finish this project i know it’s a bit after run, but i think it’s not a big deal.
no my -8V rail is not ok i don’t know what i have done in testing phase i hope i haven’t fried anything.

+5V on the green point
+3.31V on the yellow point
+8.03V on the red point
+0.24V on the blue point

What do i check now please ?

Make sure you use an AC supply. Remove all voicecards and ICs. Check for a short on the 7908 - or change this part if you think it has been damaged.

I have change the 7908 and now values are good !
i think my supply is not enought strong i have to buy a new one but it’s seems to work now
thx again mister pichenettes soon in the Census of successfully assembled kits ^^