Ambika not sounding

Hi everybody,
i haven’t the time before to test my ambika i found some and get no result, this is the symptom:
i only listen a ground sound
midi is read by the machine
ambika rev is v0.1 not 1.0 port 1 show "device ?"
jumpers are in A sdcard is read by the machine ambika is set to mono i have performed the test with 3 diferents voicecards and always the same result
what should i test now i forgot something ?

Does the orange “data” LED light up on the voicecard? Does the orange “note” green LED light up on a voicecard when a note is played?

Are you using an AC power supply that meets the requirements? (9V 1A).

You can’t use a DC supply, Ambika creates the negative voltage in a different way to the Shruthi-1 using the negative part of the AC wave, Shruthi-1 used the LT1054 to do that.

to pichenettes no led aren’t blinking or ligthing only when i start the machine
to 6581punk i will try new power supplysoon has i can

I think you have accidentally crashed the voicecards and they locked themselves in firmware update mode (they show an alternating LED pattern during boot).

Have you tried reprogramming them; or if you don’t have a programmer copying the firmware .bin file to the root of the SD card as VOICE1.BIN, VOICE2.BIN… etc. and then upgrading the voicecard firmware in the about page?

thx i will try that !

i haven’t a programmer so where can ifound the.bin you talk please

not sure, if it is online from mi already.
when i had the same probelm, i used the one larsen kindly uploaded here:

@ loderbast
thx !

did it work?

No and i’m not sure about the process
i have put the file in my sd and try to force update by pressing s8 but i got this message : sd error
where can i get the process please

it is in the manual. remember you do not want to update the mobo, but the voidecards firmware.
boot normally. go to the about page. S7 , S3
select the voicecard you want to update and press s4.
the filen on the card has to be renamed for every voicecard. like VOICE2.BIN for Voicecard in Port 2 etc.
best, if you check the manual again, because i am not sure if i qouted everything right.

SD error? did you fit the correct 4050 chip?

You get “SD error” too when there is no update file for the mobo on the SD card.

You need to update the voicecards’ firmware, not the mobo’s

yes i understand my mistake but the upgrade mode seem to be blocked
i downloaded the file from larsen put in the sd and i try with the original name and after with voice1.bin and ambika.bin
I follow the procedure i boot normaly press s7 s3 then stay on channel 1 but upgrade mode is not shown on the display

maybe i have to update the mobo before is ever in 0.1V if i have to where is the file please
i m realy thinking about buying an avr programmer yet…

You don’t need to upgrade the mobo. You don’t see the “upate” command because the file is not recognized on the SD card. Have you checked that the SD card is working (for example by trying to load patches?)

yes the sd is working is see patch names

are the files put on the root of the SD card, with name VOICE1.BIN, VOICE2.BIN etc… up to 6?

nop only VOICE1.BIN from larsen i try that directly just copying and remane i guess ?

Yes, just copy and rename