Ambika not sending notes to top row of voicecards

Finished the Ambika today, super excited about it (sounds excellent!) but I’m having one issue: it’s only utilizing the bottom three voicecards, acting like a three voice synth. I’ve checked that all the jumpers in the bottom row are set to A and the ones on top are set to B (when I reverse that, only the top row of voicecards receives notes). When I try to play a four note chord stacking one note at a time, the fourth note replaces the first one. So, essentially, it’s not acknowledging that there’s a “B” CS line.

Any ideas what might be going wrong?

By default, Ambika is configured to play a 3-voice part on MIDI channel 1 and a 3-voice part on MIDI channel 2.

Check the “voice allocation” section of the manual to learn how to change this.

You can then make this new setting permanent (">ini" on the second library page).

User manual

Ah so it’s supposed to work that way! Duh. Thanks for clearing that up, and thanks for all the work you put into developing this. It’s an amazing instrument :slight_smile: