Ambika Noise Issue

Hello all! I just recently picked up an Ambika with the 4P filters, loving it so far!! I updated the firmware to the YAM firmware without issues but noticed that when I play chords With more than 3-4 voices I get some clipping that doesn’t sound that great, it’s very noticeable on waveforms like the triangle, sine, fm, etc. It goes away if I turn the part volume down a ways, but I heard that will affect the VCA envelopes. Is this normal behaviour for the Ambika?

The Ambika can clip if a resistor with a value too high for that many voicecards is installed on the summing opamp. Do you know which value the resistor just above the resistor network RN1 at the summing output has? Alternatively you could also post a picture of it.
If it is a 10k (or higher?) Resistor, you should replace it with a lower value, e.g. 4.7k to leave enough headroom.

See “gain of the final mixing stage”.

Not too sure really, I didn’t build it nor do I have experience would diy builds. I do have a friend with experience with diy builds, he may be able to do this for me.

Can you post a picture of the bottom of the circuit board at the summed output?