Ambika - no sound on voice 2-4-6- Rookie Mistake?


Just got from ebay an Ambika with a nice white metal enclosure.
BUT I have an issue with it: no sound on voice 2 - 4 and 6 (mix and/or individual output).

Test that I make: I select a part, the midi channel (omni), the voice 2 only…no sound.
Same thing happen for 4 and 6.

Is it a stupid rookie mistake or my unit is defective?

Thanks for your help.


Are the green/orange LEDs on the voicecards lit for these voices?

At least my Ambika is as reliable as a ppg Wave when it comes to traveling. Id suggest you open the case and see if all voice cards are nicely screwed, push them a bit towards the MoBo if unsure and try again.

Yes: all the LEDs are operating for these voices as they should (green/orange).

So the LEDs on the voicecards are lit in green when they should receive a note, right?

I’m not talking about the group of 6 LEDs visualizing voice activity on the main board.

I’ll state the obvious thing to try first:

Have you tried:

  1. pressing S6 to bring up the Part Mapping screen
  2. turn the upper-left pot (P1) until Part 2 is shown
  3. turn the three bottom-right pots P6/P7/P8 fully counter-clockwise, so that no voice cards have square brackets around them
  4. turn P1 until Part 1 is shown
  5. turn P6/P7/P8 fully clockwise, so that all voice cards have square brackets around them

By default, Part 1 occupies just three of the voice cards, while Part 2 occupies the other three voice cards. You can’t assign more voice cards to Part 1, if they are already used by another part.

Thanks for checking that, I am a rookie indeed. I did read the manual tho so that was exactly my test process. I deactivated all the voice from all the parts, then focused on part1 and activated the different voices individually.

But i think I found the issue:
I disassembled the enclosure and took a look inside.
There are supposed to have 6 voice cards under the motherboard correct?
I found only 3…I guess that the Ebay description was not accurate :confused:

Yes, there should be 6 voicecards.

Was the ebay description claiming that the item was loaded with 6 voicecards?


“The (unfortunately) discontinued 6 voice hybrid poly synth from Mutable Instruments. This particular one was built in a metal case with wood sides and has 3 filter cards: the 2-pole SVF, the SMR-4 mkII, and a 4P card.”

I should have done my homework/research better…
Description is confusing tho.

I am sorry that I wasted your time.

At least hope you did not pay too much for it …

And you can always add three more voicecards in the future (Tubeohm will continue to offer voicecards).

Got it for 800$ because I made an offer…cheaper than 3 shruthi :smiley:
Anyway…thanks again everyone.

That’s an OK price, and with future expansion options :slight_smile:

At least you can avoid opening it and looking for loose voice cards……