Ambika No Sound (maybe power issue?)

Hi all, I just received a prebuilt Ambika, i used a Belker 9V AC power adapter, with the V set to 9V. The Ambika turns on, receives midi notes just fine, but i’m not able to get any sound out of it.

I’m assuming this Belker power adapter maybe isn’t providing enough mA? Seems weird, based off the amazon listing it looks like it should?

Can anyone point me in the direction of a known, reliable power adapter for the Ambika? Specifically with a US outlet?

Any help is much appreciated, thank you!

Here’s a video of me turning on the Ambika, showing that my audio interface receives a signal when powering it on and removing/re-inserting a TRS quarter inch cable into the mix output and voice 1 output. Video also shows me going to the performance page, and taping the encoder to get some kind of signal, but nothing happens

None of the 6 lights are lighting up on the lower left hand side, so the voices aren’t getting the note events.The sequencer takes a minute to get used to (I have to refer the manual nearly every time to sync it up - you have to go to the sequencing menu under S5 and set it to Step).

That, or try a midi controller. There’s a good chance everything’s fine! That supply should have more than enough amps for the Ambika

Thank you for the reply! So I went to the S5 menu and the value set for A/SQ was step :sob: .
So I tried connecting my Octatrack to it to send midi notes, and it was succesfully sending the midi notes, but still no sound :sob:.

Here’s a video of me sending the Ambika midi notes via my Octatrack. I see the LEDs on the bottom left corner lighting up, as well as the LEDs on the filter cards.

Any other suggestions? I just ordered this AC to AC Wall Adapter so if all else fails hopefully that resolves it. But I’d be 10x happier if I just learned that I was doing something wrong hahaha. It seems to be functioning perfectly minus the fact I just can’t get any sound to come out.

I just noticed the DC output on that original wall adapter, yeah, that sounds like the issue, unfortunately. I remember having trouble sourcing the right adapter, but hopefully this is the ticket!

Input supply +8V regulator +5V regulator Observations
+9V AC LM2940-8 7805 Recommended
+12V AC 7808 PT78ST105H Recommended
+9V AC 7808 7805 50Hz Hum on audio output when too many voicecards are installed
+12V AC 7808 7805 Works, but 7805 heatsink gets very hot

According to the build guide, the input supply can depend on what regulators you are using, but with +9VAC you should be good! :slight_smile:
(And because +9VAC is the correct value when using the regulators that are listed in the BOM!)

@electron271 Oh man :sob: I’m still not having any luck. If that Belker adapter I linked in the original post is correct then I have no idea what’s wrong.

I’ll be so bummed if there’s something faulty with this one :sob: I guess I’ll find out when that AC to AC wall adapter I just ordered gets here.

It just feels like it’s getting enough power… turns on fine, receives midi fine. It functions perfectly fine minus the fact I’m just not getting any audio output.

I’ve tried ruling out user error by successfully sending midi notes via an Octatrack, and using the internal sequencer (S5 Button and then pressing the encoder?) but same results. Lower LEDs light up indicating the voices are active but not getting any audio output.

The Belker adapter is DC, so because of the way the Ambika is designed, you can only use AC/AC power supplies. The Ambika has a circuit inside to convert the AC 9V to DC±8V and DC+5V, so you need to use a AC/AC power supply, the Belker will not work.

And also, that AC power supply you bought looks like it will work!

@electron271 Ok this at least makes sense and brings me some relief! I will reply to this thread the results once the AC to AC wall adapter arrives. Thank you!


AC to AC wall adapter arrived, it resolved the issue :pray:

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