Ambika new user/fan (with little demo)

Hi, I recently got a 6-voice Ambika to be my main polysynth and I couldn´t be happier
This is a very simple little demo with 100% multitracked Ambika sounds programmed by me.
There is just a little delay and reverb at the recording stage, with no process at all at the mixing stage (just a very gentle limiter at the master stage to prevent clipping)

Hope you like it, cheers


Hi where do you get the white knobs ??


hi ,

THONK in UK has them i stock

nice job daniel, especially love that kick drum sound :wink:

tubeohm, this knobs are Davies 1900h clones

as koerby said, thonk gotém and also here

thanks for the comment tffshtt, the kick is just a sinewave with an envelope driving up the pitch fast and another one adding a bit of “parameter” to the transient

Those came from Mammoth