Ambika Mouser BOM: MoBo, SMR4, SVF & 4P

hi there,
i have these BOM of each PCB saved as project in my mouser projectmanager and would like to share this with you. how would be the cleverest way to do?

There is a function in mouse to share your projects… You get a link you can email but you can put it up here as well.

Ask for the rights to put them in the wiki !

@monoaural: I’m planning to order at Mouser as well, did you find out how to share your BOMs ? Are you gonna post them here or should I mail you ? thanx

I have a BOM shared in this thread
note that some things are unavailable from mouser at the moment.

ah, great shiftr, thanx !

ah, haven´t been here around for a while. just saw your post. sorry for being to late. happy you found the Mouser BOMs…

a question: the google drive BOMs can’t be changed, for a reason. However, I could no find the usual ‘File’ menu to duplicate it and have my own version. This would be handful because:

  • some parts may be removed from the list
  • I need to reorder the columns to copy the ‘mouser ref’ and ‘quantity column’ in this orderand paste it easily into the Mouser BOM import tool

What I do is to select the whole table, copy it and paste it in a newly created spreadsheet. But the copy process insert empty lines that are quite painful to remove.

Maybe I missed some functionality from google drive that would ease the process, anyone to share her/his tips?


I don’t remove empty lines but just copy past it again in the order I need it.

When I do that Mouser creates empty disabled lines as well…

i just tried and now i see what you meen… i tried it with excel and it doesn’t do that. Maybe try Libreoffice

you’re right: pasting to Excel work as intended (no blank lines)
(and the best of it is that copying from Excel to Google Spreadsheet also work as intended: no blank lines…)

Thanks for the tip!

Hi all,

I’d like to compare Mouser with Reichelt, but I could not find a similar ‘import BOM tool’. Anyone knows how to do this? Or are we required to provide the reference of the parts one by one?


There is a bit similar tool at reichelt called import BOM. It works with .csv files. You can save an excel file as .csv. You have to be logged in at reichelt