Ambika motherboard v0.8 Capacitor C5: 18p or 100p? [Solved]


I’m just building an Ambika motherbord and have a question for a ceramic capacitor. I have two motherboard v0.8 available and on one motherboard the cap has an “18p” label and on the other motherboard it’s “100p” though it’s the same revision.
According to the BOM it should be an 18p or 22p but not 100p. Could you please give me some guidance? I already soldered a 100p cap but feel a little but unsure since a 22p cap is now left.

What reference does it have?

Have you been following these instructions?

If not, do it, maybe you will find what the correct value is on the cap.

The caps are ok.
I just wonder which cap I should place because the label on the motherboard is different from the board shown in the DYI ressources and a second motherboard I have here.

By reference I meant what the location was on the board (C1, C12, etc.)

I would suggest you follow the values needed as per the assembly instructions and BOM. The has been some MOBO version that had a value wrong, you probably have one of those, you just have to figure which one!

I also assume that the value printed on the board is not correct but would like to know it for sure since I already soldered the 100p which is probably wrong :wink:

If I interpret the numbering correct it should be C5.

The manufacturer did a mistake on the latest batch of boards. The cap near the TL072 labelled 100p on the board should be 18p just as printed on the BOM.

Thanks a lot. I’m looking forward to finish the build.