Ambika Motherboard questions

I am currently assembling the Ambika MB.

I had a couple of questions :

I accidently socketed the chips on the top of the board ? Will this be a clearance issue ? Sockets are machined , high quality sockets.

(pictures attached)


I have an LCD from Optrex (file attached) , will i need the 100R resistor with this one ?

It won’t be a problem with a metal case. It could be with a plexiglas one.

You have 10mm Airspace above the board, if you have sockets that are halfway common it won’t be a problem. Drop in a chip and measure.

Yes, a current limiting resistor is absolutely necessary for the Optrex LCD!

Cool , it’s the white metal enclosure. No problem then ?

I also wanted to ask about the placement of the Power connector , how do I determine correct placement ? Flush with the edge of the board ?

If the sockets are on the wrong side of the PCB, won’t the laterality of pins be reversed (i.e. wrong) when you insert the chip in the socket? Pin 1 on the chip will be connected to the pin 16 pad on the PCB etc?

Sockets appear to be on the right side of the PCB!

Can anyone comment re the power connector , does it sit flush with the edge of the board or jut out a little ?

Ah I see , juts out a bit. Answered myself.