Ambika Motherboard Mouser replacement parts?


I am now busy to make a Mouser order for the Ambika Motherboard and 2 items aren’t available… and I was wondering if there are any replacement parts available at Mouser?

  • IC9 (part: 863-MC74HC165ANG) is only available if you buy a minimum of 1450? :-S
  • SW (part: 652-PEC12-4225F-S24) is not available anymore…

Any alternatives?

Any 74hc165 in DIP16 package will do. Plenty, plenty of fish…

Regarding the encoder, I don’t think there’s anything else from Mouser.

The old PEC12-4225F is being superseeded with the 652-PEC12R-4225F-S24 due to retooling. Anyhow, it’s not in store yet - there’s 141 inbound when I write this.

Also, something like the 858-EN12-HS22AF30 could be used. It comes with a 30mm shaft so you may have to cut it down a little. Or the 30mm shaft Bourns 652-PEC12-4230FS0024 with some cutting down?

And also busy with the 4p voiceboard order…

And C26 (220n) isn’t available… and in the BOM it says 100n is also acceptable. Is this the same meaning as: This works just as good? Or does it mean: This will work, however, not as good as a 220n.

The new PEC12 parts are in stock with the 20mm shaft

And is this a good female 1x6 2.54 header for the 4p voiceboard?

female header

Wrong part - this thing is a cable housing.

hmmz, the shop suggested in the BOM document doesn’t have them for sale anymore…

I bought mine from this guy . The link should give you enough for an Ambika…

Just FYI for everyone: Do NOT use the 30mm shaft parts, the stop on those is too high and your knobs will stick up way above the mainboard (and I mean WAY, the ambika faceplate sits lower). The 20mm parts are fine however (just got both)