Ambika modulation matrix queries

1. curious about the thinking behind envelope sustain level not being a destination - with the sequencing capability on the ambika I’d use it reasonably often for modulation I’d only want occuring during the sustain phase of the envelope
2. why are there not separate modulation destinations for each envelope? it is extremely rare that I would modulate multiple envelopes in the same voice in the exact same way - at the very least I’m often interested in modulating one envelope but not modulating any other ones.
3. I’d be willing to KILL BABIES AND KITTENS FOR MORE MODIFIERS :slight_smile:

possibly some of this is constrained by various design choices and resource availability concerns of course; my level of understanding is not very sophisticated

  1. No reason besides saving a few multiplications. Could be done.
  2. Mostly keeping the modulation list simple in the UI

I have the same opinions about the possibility of modulating each envelope separately.

Hédi K.