Ambika Mobo Eagle Files

I was tinkering a bit with the eagle files, planning to print myself some boards if olivier stops to produce them.
Eagle tells me the files are inconsistent. Nothing that can´t be fixed just had to swop the voltage regulators. I was just not shure if olivier had changed the part on the board or in the schematics. My bet would be the board. Any advices ?

ERC on v09 brd/sch tells me board/schem are consistent. Which version of Eagle are you running?

I tried 7.2 and after that 6.5 just to be sure, both tell me board/schem are not consistent
Different voltage regulators on board and scheme (board 79xxl /scheme 79 xxs) if i change either of them everything`s fine.

Okay… still using 5.9 :slight_smile:

i changed the vr in the schematic to xxl. There are also a number of other minor issues like leds without values and other stuff. I will try work my way trough

i read a bit about the differences between 5.xx and above 6.xx
its only since version 6 that different attributes in scheme/board are treated as consistency errors

Maybe it’s time to invest in an upgrade…

it looks like its something > 6.4…