Ambika MoBo - +4.94 V on yellow point?

I’ve finished to assemble the MoBo yesterday evening and bought a PSU this morning. My first power supply test (without ICs inserted) gives me these measurements:

Green point = +4.94 V
Yellow point = +4.94 V
Red point = +7.93 V
Blue point = -7.88 V

My PSU is rated for 660 mA max.

I’m looking for tips and advices … ?

Hédi K.

What are the voltages on each pin of the MCP1700? Other voltages are within tolerances.

MCP1700 left = 0 V
MCP1700 center = +4.94 V
MCP1700 right = +3.28 V

viewed like in the Power supply testing schematic in the “Ambika – Motherboard assembly instructions” webpage.

Given that MCP1700 right pin is connected to the yellow point, I would suggest you to check your measurements again.

I’ve re-heated the solder joints on the C8 and C10 caps. Now I have +3.28 V on the yellow point ! :slight_smile:

Many thanks Olivier for your help ! Really appreciated !

Merci !

Hédi K.

My MoBo is now alive ! :slight_smile: