Ambika midi problems! "solved"

I have a problem with the midi ambika.
assembled in a workmanlike manner with 4 SVF card.
no midi input everything works perfectly …
but how to connect to the midi in a master or a PC for a few seconds displays
strange characters on the display and the LED will blink randomly, including those on card…e then nails!
turning the equipment off and on, without midi in connected, it works fine …
midi is connected with nails in it again!
I tried to exclude the card and replace the optocoupler no change ! HELP

Check with a multimeter that the midi pins are not shorted to power or ground. If no meter available, try first a different midi cable. Then get a meter or a friend with one. Best luck!

Some HD pictures would be welcome.

I’m not sure, if I got you right:

  1. Your midi in is not working
  2. Your display is doing strange stuff, when Midi is received

Is that correct? Did you flash the latest firmware?

What do you mean with “midi is connected with nails in it” ?

problem solved!
this morning checking everything with the oscilloscope I noticed that the quartz was not stable! was not a linear but ranged from 8MHz clock 17 mhz! replaced with another one and problem solved! Thank God!

Good it’s solved. Now I remember, that I had similar problem with Shruthi.
MIDI was unstable and quartz change solved the problem.