Ambika MIDI note weirdness

hi all,

This is my very first post here.

I just acquired a pre-built 2nd hand Ambika : great little device, love it !
everything seems to work as expected, apart from 1 weird thing that fries my brain.

I can only play 10 notes in an octave. The notes are perfectly in tune, I’m just missing 2 notes in every octave. So if I want to play an octave, I have to play 10 notes up in stead of 12. There are 2 places where a note is “stolen”, and everything just shifts from there on (but stays in tune). It feel like it’s some kind of weird keyboard mapping or scaling, because it’s on all 6 voices, all the time.

To explain what’s going on, this is what I hear when I press the keys
C4 = C4
C#4 = C#4
D4 = D4
D#4 = D#4
E4 = F4 (so the E is missing and replaced by an F)
F4 = F#4
F#4 = G4
G4 = G#4
G#4 = A4
A4 = B4 (another missing note, and everything shits another half note from there)
A#4 = C5

It’s just super weird and not usable in a normal musical way. Any thoughts on what could cause this ? I tried resetting the firmware (hold S1 while switching on), but that didn’t change it.
And I did try different MIDI keyboards to make sure it’s not the keyboard.
Could the MIDI interface be acting up ?

Any help much appreciated.

It’s probably set to an alternate tuning or scale, please adjust the raga setting back to equal.

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Thanks for the super fast reply. I was wondering what raga meant :wink:
Will check asap

I just checked, and here’s the thing : I don’t seem to have a RAGA parameter.
Where RAGE is supposed to be (after SPREAD), I have a SCALE parameter, which I can change from 0 to 1, and it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

Do I have an older/later/alternate firmware ? And if so : how do I change it back easily ?

Older, no… Alternate maybe. There is no history of a parameter named “scale” in the Mutable Instruments codebase.

Just install the official firmware then, as explained in the manual!


OK, I’m getting there.
Starting up the unit without the SD card fixes everything.
When I look at the SD card on Ambika page 8, it shows HAMBEAKER V1.0 as firmware
But when I look at the SD card using a computer, it shows AMBIKA.BIN is there, not a sign of this HAMBEAKER to be found … weird stuff going on. I can see a MTS.BTL file on the SD card : is that supposed to be there ?

Anyway : I got it working. I just need to remember to start up without SD card inserted and all is good. Thanks !

You probably had some alternative firmware installed (though I never heard of any named HAMBEAKER) so it’s a good idea to reinstall the firmware.


The firmware update file should always be called AMBIKA.BIN, irrespectively of which version it is.


Hi. I had this same issue.
I installed the firmware again and updated it to Yams and all was good

Try that

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Thanks for the info.
Where do I find Yams, or the original firmware for that matter ?
There doesn’t seem to be a download page for Ambika, or maybe I just missed it.



You can find it here …

Good luck with your Ambika