Ambika MIDI CC Cart


i´m seaching a Midi CC Cart for the Ambika. I can´t find any in the Forum.

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It’s in the manual

i’m very happy with the CC implementation of the Ambika.

I know that list but somehow the Ambika does not receive any midi commands (the sender a sequencer does fine with other hardware.) So what is, say, the code for filter cuttoff? I really need this to work. Anything i need to set globally on the Ambika in order to receive midi cc commands?

Which CC # are you sending?

Have you tried recording the data on a computer to check that the correct CC is sent by the sequencer?

thats somehow part of my question. non of the listed codes are doing anything. i am also confused by 2 filter cutoffs.

You need to send CC 74 for filter cutoff.

Filter cutoff 2 was put there in case someone developed a voicecard with a dual filter - but such a voicecard has never been released.

thats the one. hm. i give it another try. thank you for your time. ill report if changes happen.

Nope. For some reason, my Ambika doesn´t take a single CC Message. :frowning:

Maybe you have enabled some MIDI filters?

Check the “System preferences” section of the manual. There’s a setting called inpt that allows you to filter some types of MIDI messages. Check that “C” (control change) is not among the filtered messages.

i knew it was some global setting. Yes! That worked. Thanks a ton, pichenettes.

Maybe a bit off topic but a related question:

Is there a chart showing different values for parameters that are controlled by the same CC number? Arpeggiator direction for instance. I’m trying to program the buttons on a BCR2000 to be able to quickly select different values. I can work around it by assigning a controller to the CC number in question and look at the Ambika display to see when the setting changes and then read the value off the controller. But it’s a bit of a hassle to be honest…

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