Ambika Metal Cases


they just jacked international rates big time so I’ll need to figure that out. my guess, around $50 at least


Awesome, very nice price!


Very excited to hear more about this


You can count me in ! Let us know what is going on !


any updates? :slight_smile:


Yep, bump. It’s been quite a while…



I just put myself on the list. I hope it isn’t too late by now…
From where will they be shipped?
May be, it would be more easy and cheaper to place a bulk order to germany? In best case to someone who knows that their customs isn’t such a pain in the ass like it is here at my place…
They “grab” every package thats not from EU and you have to explicitly explain why and what.
The guy from customs even wanted to tell me that a electrical kit must be tested by the “Bundesnetzagentur” before they can give it to me… It woud have been easier for me to make the pcbs myself…


I’ll be putting time on this this week, been working 60hr weeks recently so it’s not easy to find time to get this going. Everything will be coming from the US.

Yes, German custom’s the worst. I’ve had packages sit there for 6 weeks before being delivered


Oh nonono… Swiss customs is the worst.

Its easier to send something to the Mars (which is basically sending huge amounts of Cash to the NASA) than to send something declared the same way as for every other nun EU country to Switzerland (which is basically impossible but involves 20+ Letters - the ones printed on paper because no eMail accepted - Confirmations, Certificates and all of them had to be notarized. Im not dealing with infectious or radiating goods or weapons of mass destruction (greetz to Waldorf!) - im makin Greeting Cards)

After 3 Months i paid a Fee to get ma Packet back . . .


Any word yet? My Ambika is getting very chilly without any clothes


Mine, too…



Any news? Sorry to nag, but it’s been a while. If this isn’t going to happen, I need to sort something else out.



I hope you didn’t work yourself to death! :wink:
Any new information would be highly appreciated! :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, this has to remain on hold until further notice. I simply dont have the time to run an order like this right now


That’s sad.
But thanks for the info anyway.


@altitude I see.


Just checking… :slight_smile:


You guys need a cool smoky 70s plexi case



That’s nice, where can you get these ?


I could give you an hint lysander :wink: