Ambika Metal Cases


I’m happy with green lettering, because I’ve gone with a green display. On the other hand, if others want different colours, maybe the best compromise would be to have the lettering engraved, but not infilled with paint, then people can do that themselves, in whatever colour they want.



^ good idea. That will cut the $$$ down as well


I basically also prefer the look without the volume pot on the top panel. But since I got it already soldered in, I’m not sure how bad it is to get it unsoldered again …

Also I like the knobs on the photos a lot - where would I get these (or do they come with the case)? Moreover, do they fit on the standard pots provided with the kit? Would be a huge pain to replace all the pots, I guess…

For me, not having any paint would be the preferred option as well.


those are the kilo knobs from digikey. not cheap but they are made for 6mm shafts (rare for a machined knob)


No infill would be perfect :slight_smile:


yah! DIY infill is where it’s at! on muff’s DIY forum acrylic panel bulk orders tend to be handled the same way - infill is the builder’s problem


I am wondering if there has been a quote for a price yet?


that looks damn sexy. when will be the deadline for signing-up? quote for the price yet? shipping cost? from where will the cases be shipped (asking because of import taxes, fees etc…)


Gents: Got the quote back from CAM expert (drum roll)

10+ Pcs: $135 each
20+ Pcs: $119 each

Needless to say, Front Panel Express wont be hearing from me again


wow that’s fantastic!

when can I give you my money?!




Yarr! Not bad at all :slight_smile: What’s our current total? I could splurge for 2 cases if it helps…


There are a couple of issues that have to be addressed that will affect the final cost and have to be addressed before I start collecting $:

1: volume pot location: The vote is pretty much 50/50 on this. I have 23 cases in the spreadsheet so we can get that price even if we do half and half

2: Hardware: These cases do NOT use the same hardware as Frank’s case. There had to be some adjustments made since the side profile is a not as tall as the official case. I raised everything 1 mm to bring the LCD closer to the window (which also has to be priced in) and took 1mm off the long legs. If I am to supply the additional hardware, that will add to the price

3: Fees, boxing, my time etc: I’ll have to figure this out, I’m not a charity :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m in!

And now on the list!
Volume pot back and no infill.


@altitude Excellent| I’m definitely in for one, now. All sounds very reasonable.



Top Price!


All sounds very good, looking forward to this!


fantastic price


oh man, you’re going to make me choose where the volume pot is going to go?! what’s the plan for the minipot location? I’m having a tough time deciding, I suppose I could do one of each since I’m getting two . . . hmmm


very curious. wondering how much shipping & fees will be (from the US states?!)