Ambika Metal Cases


Looks solid. Great Work


Nice work! +1 for keeping the volume pot in some form-being able to level-match with an amp without losing VCA resolution is a major, major advantage of the Ambika over the (un-modded) Shruthi.

Echoing @micmicman, do you have vents under the case?


@Altitude, Looks ace! Would you consider cutting a clean case with no typo? I am thinking of a screen print…


This will have to be an all or nothing deal. There has to be a consensus on the design otherwise the price on everything goes way up. I’m no longer doing business with Front Panel Express and it looks like CAM experts will be doing it instead, I have to convert some files over to DXF but I know their pricing is better than FPE, however one offs are out of the question


@Altidude, I was thinking of a single case, just the clean plates (I reckon that is less work to do?). I plan to do the screen print my self :slight_smile:


No, it doesnt work that way. They all have to be identical. I dont do these myself, they get sent off to a CNC shop


Its like asking AUDI for an A4 without Dashboard…


I’d prefer a mini volume pot on the back, but I realise that would mean redesigning both top and back panels, so I’m happy with the design as-is, to be honest.

I’d like to see some estimates of cost though.



I’d only go for it if the top volume pot is moved to the back as shown above. Guess this is like herding cats :confused:


Oh well, thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:


Ok, Time to take a tally. Please state what volume knob option you want and where you are in the world.


I talked to CAM Expert today and they can anodize the whole deal AFTER the cutting and engraving is done so no metal will show and everything will be the same color. I’ll be sending the files off tonight for a quote


@altitude Name on the list :slight_smile:



Sorry, but can the ppl that registered please do so again? I set up a form to input data into a new spreadsheet, this way I can get ppls email without exposing it on a public google doc


I submitted my name to list without checking the radio button for volume knob, as whatever way you decide to go is cool with me

  • also I want 2 cases - I made a note in the ‘location’ field


Signed up again.



Noted, number of cases field updated. I’m seriously starting to like the google forms


Awesome, signed up!


I’m a little confused what the final version is. Is it the one on the last photos? To be honest, I don’t like the green fill in very much. I’d much prefer white or just plain aluminium.


I don’t mind the green.



That’s just the prototype. The final device will be decided by a consensus