Ambika Metal Cases


Want Great work Altitude


Looks great!


Looks great, but makes me feel guilty about the volume pot. Maybe you could make it optional and/or find a spot for it on the back panel?


+1! I’d be happy with a deleted volume pot hole, I’ll just make my own on the rear panel if need be. It would be the icing on the cake.


my thoughts are mirror the volume pot to the left, put it on the front panel a la a hi-fi rather than the rear, or lose it …



damn sexy!


couple ideas re: volume pot
we could use a pointer on shaft pot to scale it way down or maybe use a right angle one and have it stick out the back. does anyone know off hand if right angle pots have the same footprint as vertical ones ?


How is it with heat? It seems far less ventilated than the version by Frank.
It looks damn sweet otherwise.


The rectangular moutning holes are the same dimension, but it’s 7.00mm from the pins to the center of those on vertical 9mm pots, and 3.30mm on horizontal ones so some pin-bending would be needed.


The right angle pots would stick out in the wrong direction if inserted in the current footprint. I think we can’t avoid wires on this one…


rats, you’re right. Would have worked out well if that wasnt the case. How about a panel mounted mini pot like this:


If you find room for it, I think this would be the best solution…


Theres room right below the Power Switch, I’ve done this for the Custom cases several times.


So, you have to reach around the back , past the power switch to adjust the volume? Thanks but I will pass as that does not seem very ergonomic …


Normally, you reach to your console and adjust the Fader…


I invariably leave the volume cranked for best signal-to-noise ratio going into my mixer/interface so either way is good for me - I thought the volume pot on top looked ugly at first but now I kind of enjoy the asymmetry - dynamic and interesting designs are never perfectly symmetrical; symmetry is boring

mini-pot on the back is a decent compromise for my purposes but I’d probably just forgo installing it and plug the hole


I’d go for a mini pot on the back, too, I think.



A mini pot below the SD card perhaps? No cables in the way there at least.


I would rather have front panel access but a minipot seems to be a reasonable compromise. For me anyways, a volume pot is necessary because when I play live, I do not have access to the board/console, and keep a monitor near me that has the same levels as the FOH, so I can adjust the synth on the fly when different patches come in at different volumes.


Cool work! I’m gonna try and follow this.