Ambika Metal Cases


no but I am in ambika mode right anyway now so I’ll try to get this together and shoot pics today


@altitude cool! Looking forward to seeing what this thing looks like! Having just completed two new SVF voice cards, I’m in Ambika mode too :slight_smile:



Any news? Is this project still on? I’m also in Ambika mode and my baby feels naked in winter… can’t wait to see the pics :slight_smile:


I 2nd that. Was just playing with the Ambika last night, and thinking exactly the same thing.



+1 :slight_smile:




Yet another +1.


I’d be interested but I would like to know the timeline. So I can schedule it in my books.


+1 depending on price


+1 put me down for one please


I’m still very much interested. I’d love to see some photos of it all assembled, though.



+2 - got two naked ambikas that need your help altitude! work is halted waiting on LCD and LED soldering, but at least I have my one complete unit built from the MI kit (the SVFs are in there right now); haven’t gotten around to trying out the full complement of 4P cards yet so maybe I’ll load those voicecards in my completed unit soon


Naww, they look so vulnerable and exposed sans dress! Is this some kind of circuit-porn?


Here we go. Pardon the awful lighting. I blew my last to good lighting bulbs so this is the nice painful florescent overheads


Nice, very nice! The metal knobs adds a certain steam punk/vintage 70s stereo vibe to it. A gigging musician’s Ambika at last…


awesome !


super beefy!


Now that’s a proper armour-plated case! Looks like it’s built for combat… I like it.



Very very nice


Now this one looks really tough. Built for live use :wink: