Ambika Metal Cases


the din17 font thats built into front panel designer is pretty close (the a is different most notably) but the bigger issue is the fact that its a single stroke font designed to be cheap to cnc engrave, proper multistroke ones cost 10x that. if i start making custom plot files for every little thing we will end up with a panels where the engraving is over half the cost of the panel itself and no one will pay $400 for an enclosure


Its a common misconception that DIN-Normen are public domain. They are property of the Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V. which obviously is a nonprofit organization which doesn’t mean the people there will work for free.

The DIN font btw has nothing to do with the above, neither is it propagated by them, its a pure commercial thing and owned by Linotype. The font the DIN propagates was “Normschrift” in former times, nowadays its DIN1451 The appearance of the font is public domain, programming this as a TrueType Font (or whatever Linotype provides) is the value Linotype added.

BTW, there are free versions of the DIN font - you wouldn’t see any difference when milled.


seems to be a bit cheaper here or here

found on this blog post (see first comment)


hehe i was just pointing out where i saw a difference, but it looks good imo.


I’m not sure if I can subscribe from a legal point of view (I happen to be an ip lawyer in Germany). In general (and subject to applicable local laws and licencing terms) if you have “bought” (=licenced) a font, you can use it for whatever purpose (also commercially). You may not share the font files, but any derived work (irrespective of the format). Any postscript file you sent to a printer or any pdf encapsulating the letters used is not in violation of the terms or laws - otherwise the font would be pretty useless. Of course there may be special cases where the use is acually limited (e.g. webfonts)…

Needless to say I have to add a big disclaimer - no representations or warranties from my side - You should NOT rely upon the legal information or opinions provided and but consult with your personal legal advisor… :wink:


Personally I find it quite silly to add 20$ per case just to have the exact right font.
I don’t want to make this more difficult though so I’ll buy it either way.


Could be interested… I have something else floating about in the back of my mind but it may be beyond my skill level :stuck_out_tongue:
Any chance you could share the .fpd file? I’ve been playing with the program for a design (pretty different) of my own and it’d be handy to use your experienced layout as a guide :slight_smile:

Edit: Design pending, count me in for a case :wink:


Guys, I’m sorry I started this font discussion. I don’t want to make the whole thing more expensive for everyone, and more complicated for altitude to design if nobody else really minds the mismatch. Sorry if I held things up, and sorry for not replying earlier. I had a busy week last week, and this thread dropped off my radar, I’m afraid. I’m sure the enclosure will look amazing, even with the standard FPD DIN font, and I’m still interested in getting in on any bulk order that might happen.

Apologies once again,



its no big deal, someone was already kind enough to supply the graphics in the correct font as outlines and I’ll turn them into engravings this week. The prototype is on its way to me and will be in my hands friday


@altitude thanks for being cool about it. I really shouldn’t have made such a fuss about it. I really appreciate all the work you’ve put into this. Really looking forward to seeing the proto…



Just ordered my Ambika kit. Wondering how to go about getting one of these.


I’ve decided I’m definitely down for one of these metal cases. going to want to have the option to safely drag my Ambika around

thanks for all your talents, time, and effort altitude


hey altitude, did you plan to do an anushri metal case???


Ooops, I misread. Original post removed so I don’t look so silly…



Possibly, have to see how this goes first. Since it’s smaller, I would be nice to find something off the shelf that could be modded vs getting one made from scratch


Is the Ambika bird logo you used available somewhere?


Any update on these cases altitude ?


I have it, have yet to put it together. There was a defect in the infill on the bird logo so I sent it back to get it redone and got sidetracked with other things.


Cool, keep up posted :slight_smile:
My ambika build got delayed as well as I spent most of my xmas/new year break DIY time troubleshooting another circuit, but still looking forward to the cases !


@altitude did you manage to take any photos of the case before you sent it back?