Ambika Metal Cases


Yeah, good point, VCF/LFO is the only thing that should be in caps.

I guess we have similar tastes in fonts, that is DIN17

@Toneburst There is limited font set with FPE so if I wanted to go to something custom, i would have to import it as a HPGL file, Plus Frank’s newer cases use the DIN font (I took the visual cues from the Anushri and Matte black Ambika photos he posted)


You definitively need vent holes… else it will glow like a CASTOR


Looking good! And the price is good too. I’m in.


@altitude would adding the text as an HPGL file add to cost significantly? I have to say I much prefer the version of DIN used on the standard Shruthi-1 cases.
I’m being super-picky again, but could the button labels on the top panel be moved up slightly, too. They look a bit near the edge to me. Also, should the last button have a label of some kind? It looks a bit odd without one.



It would add quite a bit and I am not really interested in using the old font, look and the current cases for Anushri and the Matte Ambika ones, its the same font. Here is the second draft btw:
As far as the spacing, I am taking the bottom panel which you dont see on the draft into consideration which will add another 2.5mm to the bottom, If it looks funny when put together on the prototype, I’ll change it


@altitude it’s definitely not the same font as this:

I have to say I much prefer the chunkier bold font above. I know it’s just a little thing, and I don’t mean to be annoying, but I’m less likely to spend a lot of money on a metal case if I don’t like the typography on it.



it looks the same actually. just a bit thicker. maybe just the influence of 1 or 2 Tannenzäpfle on Frank’s laser machine?
edit no you’re right toneburst, for example the ‘a’ shows it clearly


The official MI font is FF DIN


There are some small differences in the FPE DIN font and also keep in mind that this is a single stroke CNC process, not laser so the ends of the characters will be rounded. To do a proper HPGL multistroke engraving to get all the fonts perfectly matched is not viable price wise. The logo is an HPGL object and costs $8 to engrave, it has about 21 passes with the 0.2mm engraving cutter. It’s about the same size area wise to the “Ambika” text which cost 0.32$ to engrave. 0.32$ to 8$ is considerable, if people are willing to add 15% to the price of the front panel, I will do it but it seems a little bit extravagant just to get the “a” right

Once i get my prototype back in 2 weeks we will have a more open discussion and get a consensus on the final design.

Compare to this, its close enough:


@altitude point(s) taken. I’d forgotten we were talking CNC engraving, rather than laser-cutting here. Having said that, given I’d already be paying a lot of money for the box, I’d personally be willing to fork out a little more to get the MI Logotype and Ambika labels exactly the same (or as near as possible). I just think it’s little touches like that that add that little bit of ‘pro gloss’ to a synth, and make it look more like a sexy instrument, and less like a piece of laboratory or industrial equipment.



if i have the dough at the moment this happens i’m in for one, but i can’t promise now


Fonts aren’t cheap though.


@shimoda no shit. $809 for the complete set, $279 for the basic


Yeah, I checked it out earlier and thought, DAMN However, having spent some time around graphic design, I have looked at fonts before and already knew that specialty fonts (ie. actual professional ones) cost some dough. I won’t ask about pichenettes fontvestments though :wink:


You don’t need to license the full set, only the one or two weights uses by MI.


Those are still $65 each but like I said, if people want to pay for it I will do it. I’m not making any money off this


Ditto what rosch said.


I’m also quite interested in a metal case :slight_smile:

I would prefer the original DIN font. What I don’t get is why you would need to buy/licence the font - isn’t it viable that someone who has licenced the font (and Illustrator) saves whatever text is needed in some vector format (SVG, EPS) and use that vector file? I have Illustrator and also the DIN Mittelschrift 1451 (need to check which weights…) Not sure if I can save HPGL out of Illustrator but there’s got to be some ways to convert the files if it has to be HPGL.


Yes, someone can do that but technically (and already has actually), that does not grant me the right to use it legally. Just like anything, you dont buy a font, you buy a license to use it.

Like I said, I will do the next revision with the official font but expect it to add ~$20 to the cost per panel

Going from a vector graphic to HPGL is not just a question of saving it as a PLT file, you have to draw the paths for the CNC machine to follow to make the engraving. Here is what the peacock plot file looks like:


It tastes a bit sour that they first designate a font to be ‘the’ DIN standard font and then make it so expensive… It’s like limiting production of M3 bolts to one single manufacturer who is then free to charge anything he wants… There’s nothing in public domain that comes close enough?