Ambika Metal Cases

I wouldn’t recommend going with less standoffs than designed. They are included not to made a rugged Case (a 3mm sheet plexi is way more robust than a PCB…) its to minimize the mechanical stress on the PCB. It carries 6 heavy voice cards and you have that encoder and buttons that will constantly be pushed. Albeit OK for a short period of time a PCB won’t stand much bends and will fail relatively fast from loads. So please don’t consider the PCB as supporting structure - itself must be supported.

Next thing its that 12mm clearance is defined for the Voicecards; matches ventilation need and future designs might need all this space and it would be sad if you only could mount 3 Cards because of you saving 0,6mm (which also leads to ugly expensive Spacers) just to have the beauty of having exactly 50mm.

noted about the stand offs. I dont have any choice with the height available inside, its fixed by the side profiles. But like I said, its over only 0.6mm so I can just go to a 19mm long standoff and be done with it

Thats one washer…

but in the other direction… board with standoffs is 51.6 and i have 51mm

YOu could save a mm on the top using DA9 and one mm between Voicecard and the Mobo using a DI9 so it comes to DI38 instead of DI40 for the MOBO Standoffs - then you need one washer thats approx 0,4mm and you are perfectly in line.

If you need odd lengths drop me a line - i have a good source

i have to get the boards closer too, in order to put them in a 1U case without using ribbon cables. i tried yesterday and it works if i use 8mm standoffs between the voice cards. you could use just a nut between the cards and the motherboard if there wasn’t the one cap near the psu. i have mounted that one flat so i estimate it may work with 5mm standoffs. in order to reduce the distance on the other side (and since there’s already that cap) i’ve just flipped the legs of the shift register ICs and put them on the voice card side along with the resistors (i have only 37mm height in that 1U case so i need to take every mm i can)

Its really not a big deal, I have 19mm f-f ones readily available (0.63$ at McMaster)


ya, mcmaster rocks

Not bad! I have to pay 1.63SEK for a 12mm FF stand-off. That’s 0.24USD, but I’m impressed considering you’re getting metric hardware in the land of imperial measurements.

It’s probably a 91/128" which is a very common inch size.

With stuff like that, they usually carry both. Its 3/4" actually

I should start a Spacers Business…

You should watch out for the spacer mafia! This is really tight controlled business…

Obviously if you see these prices…

Ok, here is what i have:

@altitude Looks good! If I was going to be picky, I’d say would it be possible to use the same fonts used in the Shruthi-1 cases Frank makes, at least for the main logotype legends- ie ‘Ambika’ on the top panel, and ‘Mutable Instruments Ambika’ on the back? I’m excited to see how this develops though. I think it’s going to be great!


I think you could try to be consistent with lowercase / uppercase. I don’t know why some words are in uppercase and some other aren’t.

Osc / Mixer
VCF (it’s an acronym)
Env / LFO
Mod Matrix
Keybd / Arp / Seq
Load / Save

The “official” font is DIN.

I’ll get the windows laser cut for these, I used the same dimensions from my SEQV4 so I know what size to use. The case will include matching black hardware

1 off 228.08
5-10 206.74
10-20 186.19

I also may add vents to this so that will add a few $$