Ambika Metal Cases


hehe obviously, don’t know what I was thinking /facepalm.
I’ll drop you a PM.


Lysander, I filled in the lettering myself using white acrylic titanium white paint ( artist grade liquitex)

3 coats is what it took, but it came out nice :slight_smile:


Dear Adrian,

Packet received in good order!

I’m in love! Very nice job!




wrong thread guys


@ altitude
any update for the this sexy metal case?


no update. i can provide the files on request but i am not running a bulk order. they are $160 usd at CAM expert and $200 something at fpe


Holy hell, what happened to this thread ? Has the nice green/metal case been abandoned ?
it’s proposed for sale with the Ambika inside on some american site called “Michigan Synth Works” with no contact, totally absurd. It’s referred to as “cnc metal case”. Any info about how i could get such a case please ? Thank you. This is my first post.


It’s been 4 years since the last post. I never made them available


That’s a shame. They’re beautiful.


@altitude do you still have the files in the event someone would want to get this cut?