Ambika Metal Cases

People have been hounding about this and I have some free time coming up so I would like to have a show of hands of who would be interested in metal cases.

I will have a quote for these soon so PLEASE SIGN UP HERE

They look like this with some minor changes (TBD)

If the price can be kept in the $150 to $180 region you can count me in.

I second lysander.

I’d be tempted by a metal Ambika case, too, actually. It would depend on the price though…


Doubtful that i can afford an FPE case, but I’d love to have the .fpd files : D

Will this be a complete case or front panel only?

the whole deal…

I’m in as well, depending on price.

Tempting! BTW: What’s the reference for that sharp looking pole switch?

mouser pn: 108-2us1t1253-ev

Yes please!

Looks great! Count me in also!

I’m in for one. I might buy two depending on price.

I’m in.

Yep, if the price is reasonable I’m in as well.

I might be in, depending on final design/engravings - I’m not too big a fan of labeling panel controls so I’d have to see what the render will look like before I would commit. (price range sounds good though).

Any update Altitude ?
I’m super pumped about the Amibka so I’d be happy to start throwing money at it now with a case :wink:

I’ll be working on it this week over the holiday

@altitude cool :slight_smile:


Ok, layout is done. I may need to drop a millimeter off the bottom standoffs since I have 51mm inside the case to work with but the 51.6mm is needed if going by the official dimensions. I’ll probably reduce the number of standoffs anyway since this is a metal box and a lot more ridged than the plastic one. I will need a consensus on color scheme soon, I dont think I can mix and match infill colors and I know I cant mix metal colors…