Ambika maintenance

Not sure if discussed in here, but didn’t find any specific threads about this.
I know, this could be done by searching how to maintain electronics overall.
How to make sure that my dear dear Ambika lasts a long long time aswell?
If and what are the regular operations that should be done, to keep the instrument in fine condition? (some kind of cleaning of the pcb’s or ic’s over long periods of time? Or the best is not to touch “the insides” besides something is clearly gone wrong?)
I have Adrian’s case and I realize, it’s going to be different in the case of different cases (haha) especially if someone doesn’t use any case at all…
But still:
What are the good conditions (besides nice and “dry” studio) to ensure there’s no oxydation etc.?
What are the everyday bad conditions, that could damage the instrument (I’m not meaning some obvious things like rain or beer on the electronics :slight_smile: ?
What are the everyday bad conditions that could damage specifically the Ambika? (Anything according to the build, pcb’s, chips, components used)

General Electronics Maintenance:
• keep dry
• wipe only with a damp cloth to clean
• quit smoking whatsoever
• feed with 100% healthy electrons

Keep away from:

  • Furry critters
  • Beer
  • Soda
  • Cawfee & Tea
  • Unsupervised children
  • Miami (hot & humid outdoors)

Just sayin’…

Don’t update the firmware more than 1000 times… Replace your electrolytic capacitors after every 50.000 hours of use.