Ambika + Magnets

I’m looking to attach an Ambika to a Korg 700 as part of a live setup. I thought about doing it with magnets but I wondered if there were any implications for using fairly strong magnets on the Ambika. I’d like to be able to attach it with the magnets for the show and remove it to pack in the case. Anyone had any experience with this?

I’m using Adrian’s metal case for the Ambika.

Electrically that shouldn’t be a problem - if you use normal magnets and not those extreme neodymium magnets that occasionally pop up on youtube.

neodymium magnets are pretty strong. You could use something like this to fix the magnet below Ambika with screw.

In my experience the things to avoid putting magnets near are CRT screens, magnetic devices (tape etc) and perhaps on devices which use tuning coils, inductors.

Ambika seems to be free of all of those things.

I guess if magnetism is strong enough, you can even stop a “normal” IC from working. After all, there’s still the Lorentz-Force.
I wonder how many million neodymium magnets you need to get such effects, though!

Thanks thats all really helpful. I’ve tested it this morning playing the ambika on and moving the magnet over the case. Seems to not to cause any issues so I’m going to buy a few and attach them to a metal plate on the the korg. I’ve gone with these magnets as they provide the right clearance for the screw on the bottom of the case and have an adhesive backing.
Quite expensive but don’t have much time to make it work and seems to be fine with the one I tested. I was quite apprehensive about using magnets as I tried a similar thing with an oberheim matrix which started behaving strangely with magnets attached. I’ll post photos when it’s done. Thank you!

Uhh, sounds interesting - what did the matrix do/not do with magnets attached?
I smell a certain potential for circuit bending :slight_smile:

It was a while ago. I think it started responding to midi erratically (responding intermittently) and the display went very pale almost to the point of being unreadable. It was pretty much rendered unplayable however when the magnets were removed it was functioning fine. A circuit bent Matrix could be great! The one I have has issues now (I think theres a problem with the internal PSU) could be a good candidate for that tho as currently it doesn’t work. I’m planning to get it working again and will revisit it.

I’ve been using the Ambika in this setup now for a month or so playing shows and the magnets work much better than expected. I’ve experienced no problems with it and it’s incredibly quick to break down and setup up. The magnets are glued to the keyboard below and they have plenty of force to key everything in place. taking off is fine too and the glue seems to be holding. I used two magnets for iPads for the Ambika and two for a mobile phone for the keyboard. (it has a metal case too)