Ambika M4L


I’m currently working on an Ambika M4L patch. I just started with the interface. There are three versions. I included some pictures. Don’t wonder about the knob values and positions, it’s just an interface/layout test. It’s also missing some interface elements (like poly/mono, portamento, etc.).

Some questions :slight_smile:

  1. Is a M4L patch wanted/desired? Is anyone else working on it?
  2. Which version do you like more?
  3. Do you have other interface ideas?
  4. I’m not happy with the Modifier/Modulation interface. It isn’t clear and intuitive. Has anyone a better idea to solve the problem?
  5. Should the selection of the waveform, Xmod, etc. be changeable with a knob or are the menus okay? You can’t easily automate a menu in Ableton (you need to switch to the envelope view), while you can automate knobs (especially in Ableton 9, where you can also automate them in the session view). On the other hand a menu can show you the complete name of a waveform/selectable item
  6. I’m also not sure, if I should include the arp/note sequence section. If you are working with Ableton (which will be the case, if you are using the patch), you could equally use the m4l note sequencer and ableton arpreggiator. Including the arp/note sequence settings would make the patch interface bigger and more complex.

I’m happy about every comment and idea :slight_smile:


@flocked That looks good!

I don’t mean to sound negative, but there’s something you may not have considered: these kind of editors work better if there’s bi-directional communication between the synth and the editor. Have you tried to confirm that settings are properly recalled? I have a suspicion that you’ll find only parameters that are actually automated will be sent to the synth, so unless you write automation for every single parameter (which the synth will probably choke on, if it’s all sent at once), you’ll never get complete recall. I may be wrong. Try it.

If I’m right, and I hope I’m not, the way to get around that would be work with sysex data, sent to/from the synth, but that’s another level of complexity, and anyway, Live filters that out, so you’re a bit screwed, really.


This looks cool, I’m looking for a M4L editor. Did you ever complete this?

No sorry, I never completed it. I think a few things were working, however the patch isn’t on my computer anymore. I sold my ambika to finance mi modules.

Whoa. This would have been nice though. How did it deal with bi-directional communication?