Ambika lower level voicecards don't work

Dear collegues, I’ve finished Ambika with 6 SMR-4 voicecards, but it appears lower level voicecards do not receive midi notes (data leds are on, but note leds never go on). Three upper level voicecards (those pluged in the motherboard) work well. What could be the problem?

the ambika is set up in 2 parts with the top 3 cards in part one and the 3 bottom voices in part 2. both on different midi channels.
you can change this with S6

see the manual

And another thing worth mentioning is that once you will have done this change, you can go to the load/save page, then “more”, then “>ini”, and this setting will be recalled the next time the unit boots!

Yes! It works! I initially could’n really get, how to reassign voicecards. Thanx!