Ambika led strange behavior

Hello all,

I love my ambika and its working like a charm but theres something strange with led 13, at start up every led lit up normaly with that exception, but when i use the switch to select that specific page the led 13 works as its supposed to (on both colours green and yellow).
So i was wondering if someone knows what can be causing that behavior.
Unfortunately i travel a lot and am not with my ambika to try to solve this but was curious if someone have seen that behavior before

Thanks in advance, not much of an active poster but really like this community

If you have a fault in the led 13 circuit this would show in high load situations (ie all LEDs on).
I think you should check the values and solder connections of led13 r21 and ic11 at first.
When that doesn’t solve the problem try another 595 for ic11.

Greets DMM

Ill check those as soon as im back home.

Thanks for your help

Greets Gonçalo